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"Can drinking alcohol make a guy's sperm not able to get a girl pregnant?"

Hey Terra,

My friends were talking so I wanted to clear this up... Does a mans cum water down if he has been drinking?? Is it possible that a man cums in you but because he has been drinking you don't have to worry about getting pregnant??



Dear Wondering,

ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!! What a guy drinks or eats has nothing to do with his ability to make sperm and get a woman pregnant. (Though if a guy is really drunk then he could have trouble sustaining an erection, but that's another story.)

If you are having unprotected sex (which is the only way a man's semen <cum> could get inside of you) you are:

  2. AT RISK FOR SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES like herpes, HIV/AIDS, and lots of others. Click here for the whole list.

Are those enough reasons NOT to have unprotected sex?

I hope this helps you and your friends take better care of yourselves.

In friendship,


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