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Wish I had one:
"The guy I like is so shy."

Hey Terra,

I really like this quiet, shy guy and I have a feeling that he likes me too but how can I know for sure because he won't show how he really feels?

On Hold


Dear On Hold,

For lots of people it's difficult to express feelings (especially if they're not sure how the other person will respond). For some shy people, that might be even more difficult. But think about it this way, he must be showing you some of how he feels otherwise you wouldn't have "a feeling" that he likes you, right? If you trust the feeling you're getting, then why not take the lead and show him how you feel? Be bold. What do you have to lose? If he likes you, he will be grateful that you made the first move. If he's not interested, then you might as well find out now before you waste any more time fantasizing.

In friendship,


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