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"I don't know if he likes me as more than a friend."

Hey Terra,

Me and this guy hung out a lot before he had to start working all the time. Right now he has a problem with anxiety and depression and I IM'd him and told him if he would ever like to see a movie or hang or talk I would be here for him. And he said "OK. Sweet. I'll remember that." I mean sometimes he talks to me a lot and other times he signs off or puts his "Away" message on and then signs off. We are very good friends but I do not know if he likes me more than that.

Confused Cutie


Dear Confused Cutie,

Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't. Maybe his behavior has more to do with anxiety and depression than it does about his actual feelings for you.

It sounds like you're a very kind hearted girl and you've done the right thing to extend your friendship to him. Don't push the romantic thing and don't trip out on fantasies and expectations. That's not good for you and you may be putting pressure on him to "be" a certain way.

Enjoy the friendship as it is and be willing for it to be just a warm friendship.

I hope this advice helps a bit.

In friendship,


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