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"My mom and step-dad had a fight that lasted all day."

Hey Terra,

I have been kinda mad at my step-dad because him and my mom got in the biggest argument and it lasted for a whole day. They got over it but they take it as since they got over it, the kids are over it. But I wasn't. He was acting all stupid and when my brother's not here because I think he knows that my bro will take down anybody that will try to hurt the family.

Fighting Family


Dear Fighting Family,

I understand that hearing your parents arguing can be really upsetting and stressful! It's also not realistic to assume that just because they are "over it" that you are automatically "over it." Here's my suggestion, talk privately to your mom and tell her how hearing the fighting made you feel. Ask her if she would be willing to make an effort to "take the next one to a private place." In other words you might say, "Mom, I don't like hearing you guys argue. Do you have to do it in front of us?"

In friendship,


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