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"I might be pregnant!"

Hey Terra,

Well I was kind of wondering if I'm pregnant because me and my boyfriend had sex on Thursday and without a condom. I'm really scared because my boyfriend is kind of controlling. When I told him that I might be pregnant he told me to get an abortion or he is going to leave me. PLEASE HELP!



Dear Help,

Thanks for writing. I'm sorry you're feeling so upset, but before you get into a panic, the first you have to do is find out if you are actually pregnant. If you're in the United States, call the Planned Parenthood National Network at 1.800.230.7526 (PLAN). The call is free and I won't appear on your phone bill. The people who answer the phones will tell you where your nearest Planned Parenthood clinic is. When you get that local number, call them and tell them the situation. Make an appointment for a pregnancy test and a test for sexually transmitted diseases.

If you live outside the US, check out the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

I hope this helps.

PS: Please write back and let me know what you find out after you take the test. I care about you.

In friendship,


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