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"Should I tell my parents that my sister may be thinking about killing herself?"

Hey Terra,

I have a weird feeling that my sister wants to commit suicide, but I don't know what to do, and don't want to take action because if I'm wrong, it might ruin our sisterly relationship. I guess you could call me snooping, but I looked at her journal and all that I saw was negative. She said things such as, "Out of all the new scars I have created this past year," and "I wonder how I made it through another year, but I feel that it is not my time to go, even though the day draws near." And I'm scared. I don't want her to die, but I don't want me to be responsible for a wrecked relationship.

Jumbled Emotions


Dear Jumbled Emotions,

Talk to your parents IMMEDIATELY about your concerns about your sister. That's what you need to do. If, by staying silent, you miss an opportunity to get her the help she needs you will feel terrible. If you are wrong about her suicidal thoughts, then you're wrong. There is no down side to talking to your parents. And they need to know so that they can do their job to protect her.

You say you are scared that "taking action could ruin your sisterly relationship." Forget that!! The number 1 concern here is your sister's safety. That's much more important than whether she gets mad that you said something to your parents. This is serious. Do NOT wait. Talk to your parents about your fears and the evidence you have that your sister may be thinking about hurting herself.


In friendship,


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