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Wish I had one:
"How come I'm never 'the one'?"

Hey Terra,

I'm having a problem. Any guy I crush over does not feel the same about me. they always have a reason why I'm not "the one." I need help! What can I do to get guys to like me???

Aardvark in Love


Dear Aardvark in Love,

Maybe the solution is a change in attitude... instead of assuming that YOU have a "problem" and that there's something wrong with you because you are "not the one" for some guy... think about it this way. If he doesn't want to be with you then HE is not "the one"! The right guy wants to be with you as much as you want to be with him. If he doesn't want that... then he's not the "right" guy for you!

I suggest you get to know a guy before you decide he's worth crushing over. Why bother wasting your time (and emotional energy) on guys who just don't recognize what a cool girl you are? Hang out with people who appreciate you, develop as many new friendships as you can this coming school year, and follow your interests. When the "right guy" for you comes along, you'll be the "right girl" for him!

I hope this helps!

In friendship,


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