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"My mom is threatening to put me in foster care!"

Hey Terra,

I need some help, obviously. Well last Sunday, I broke a mirror. I'm not superstitious, but a lot of bad things have happened to me in the past week, another one just happened today. Should I believe in the black cats, knock on wood, and umbrellas??? I don't see what's the big deal. But since then, I think that stuff is true. I mean the worst of the worst.

Ok, so my best friend doesn't want to be my friend any more. My mom said that she's gonna put my in a foster home if I do one more thing wrong. I'm a really good kid. I mean, the first time when I do something really wrong, she is already throwing me out. And just right now, my other best friend and I got in an argument on IM and now we're not friends anymore. What's wrong?!

I need help with my problems and how to get them to work somehow. HELP!!!

Not Superstitious


Dear Not Superstitious,

I don't believe in bad luck. I believe in choices we make and the consequences that come from those choices.

Why is your mother upset with you? It's not clear from your email what you've done to make her feel so frustrated with you.

In friendship,


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Hey Terra!


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