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"My parents are too busy to spend time with me."

Hey Terra,

I've always wanted to go on a parents daughter day but they're always too busy. I've already tried talking to them. I made a date but then they always turn me down when they say "Sorry we are too busy." What should I do to get them to go out somewhere with me?

Sad Daughter


Dear Sad Daughter,

I understand why you're feeling so sad! As a parent myself it's hard to imagine, no matter how busy your parents are, that they cannot make some time to do something special with a sweet daughter like you!

I don't know your parents' situation or their work schedule or other family obligations they may have, but it seems to me that this is worth talking about again. Maybe they just don't understand how important this is to you.

Here's my suggestion: Write your parents a letter. (I'm serious). Start it off like this: "Dear Mom and Dad, I want to go on a 'Parents/Daughter' Day with you. Here's why I think it would be a good thing for us to do:"

Then make a list of why you want to do this.

If that doesn't help them see that spending time with them is important to you, how about offering to help your parents with whatever it is that they are so 'busy' with at home? Helping them with childcare, household chores, etc. might free them up for some family time with you. Remember, there are lots of different ways to spend time with people we love. Maybe the "Parents-Daughter Day" you're dreaming of could be just as fun and special if instead of going out some where, you washed the car or came together in the kitchen to make a meal.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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