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"How can I get my mom to stop yelling at me?"

Hey Terra,

I wanted to tell you that I'm having a lot of problems in my house. For an example, yesterday my mom got all mad at me because someone took my brother's bike. And my mom started to yell at me for no reason. Some of the words she said hurt my feelings.

What should I tell her to stop yelling at me that way?

The Girl That Gets Yelled At


Dear The Girl That Gets Yelled At,

You deserve to be treated with respect. Your mom loves you, I'm sure. But sometimes, when people are stressed, they do things without thinking clearly. Later they regret the choices they made.

I would suggest that you talk to your mom privately when she's in a relaxed mood. Talk to her calmly and maturely. Tell her how it makes you feel to have her yell at you and say those words to you.

Let her know that you love her and want to be closer to her.

Talk about it and see what you can both do to make the relationship stronger and sweeter.

Let me know what happens.

In friendship,


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Hey Terra!


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