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"I don't want to lie to my mom but I know she won't approve of my boyfriend."

Hey Terra,

I'm 18 and I'm in a relationship with a 25 year old guy and I'm developing a lot of feelings for him. He even told me he loves me and I told him back but then I also told him I wasn't in love with him. I think I'm playing with fire because my mom doesn't really know about him and I have to lie to her to hang out with him. I know it isn't right to lie to my mom but I can't help it! We want to spend more time with each other. My mom really doesn't approve of me dating an older guy. She thinks they will hurt me or something like that. Plus, I'm the baby and she worries about me a lot, but I want to experience things for myself.



Dear Scared,

At 18 you are "legally" an adult with the right to make you own decisions. You will do what you will do, but here's the question. If he's such a good guy, with such loving intentions towards you, why do you feel like you need to lie to your mom? That's never a good idea. My advice is to bring this relationship out in the open. Be honest with your mom about what's going on and you will feel less conflicted.

In friendship,


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