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"Will a small testicle effect my sex health?"

Hey Terra,

My left testes is very small after varicocele surgery. What will the effect of small testes be on my sex health. I'm not feel better. Please tell me what I should do.



Dear Waiting,

I am glad that you wrote to me and I hope that you will soon be feeling much better after your surgery. My understanding is that this is a relatively common condition. It is not serious, the surgery is effective and there ought not to be any lasting negative effects.

Here is an article for you to read about varicocele surgery. It should answer some of your questions.

I am not a doctor so my suggestion is for you to talk to your doctor. Do you have a post-op appointment scheduled soon? If not, make one immediately. When you talk to the doctor, make sure you tell him or her that you are still experiencing discomfort. Ask any questions you may have about sexual health, future fertility, etc.

This is your body and you need to know what's going on and what to expect.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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