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Losing interest:
"I have two boyfriends."

Hey Terra,

I have a bf but I only like him as a friend but he likes me as his gf. And I have another problem -- I have another bf but he is 12. The other is 13 like me but I'm gonna be 14 soon. Should I break up with the both of my bfs and go out with this other guy who just asked me out?



Dear Busy,

The Hey Terra Book of Love has a rule: You get just one bf.

But in your case it sounds like you don't think of your first "bf" as more than a friend. (You should definitely not lead him on any more. If you don't have romantic feelings for him you have to be honest and end it.)

As for the other bf, are you saying that you think he's too young for you? If you really cared for him, this small age difference wouldn't matter. But since it DOES matters to you, it sounds like you don't really care that deeply for him either.

There is no honor in collecting bfs just for the sake of having them. Guys have feelings, just like girls, and no one appreciates being used or taken for granted.

If you don't like either of them as a boyfriend, for whatever reason, the right thing to do is to end the relationship so there is no more confusion and hurt.

Make sense?

In friendship,


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