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Abusive relationships:
"My friend's brother touches me when no one is around."

Hey Terra,

One day my friend's brother and I kinda felt on each other and then day after day it started getting worse and worse and now he always touches me when no one is around.

What should I do?



Dear Help,

It sure sounds like you don't like this "touching." Have you told him how you feel? Have you said, "NO! STOP!"

If you haven't told him, you need to tell him NOW. Otherwise, he might think that you like it. This boy does not have the right to control you. You are the boss of your body.

If you have told him and this is still going on here's what you need to do:

  1. Don't spend any time near him when "no one is around."
  2. Tell your friend what's going on. (Don't be embarrassed. You are not doing anything wrong! HE is the one who is disrespecting YOU.)
I understand that "one day" the two of you both wanted to touch each other. But just because you do something once does not mean you always want to do it. That's your choice. And it certainly do not give him permission to continue touching you if you don't want it.

This boy needs to know that what he's doing is NOT ALL RIGHT. Tell him. Tell his sister. Tell his mom. Do not let your silence give him the idea that he can do whatever he wants.


In friendship,


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