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Giving it a second chance:
"My bf slept with another girl. Should I forgive him?"

Hey Terra,

Me and my boyfriend have been together 7 months. Recently a mutual friend who he confessed to told me that one night, 6 months into our relationship after we had a fight, he had slept with another girl. I broke up with him but I still love him and would do anything for him. He has been calling nonstop begging for another chance, since it only happened once.

Should I forgive him?



Dear Unsure,

I can certainly understand the hurt and betrayal you must have felt after learning that he slept with another girl. On top of that, it sounds like he's kept this a secret from you for the past month... So first he cheated and then he lied. It sounds like he thinks it was okay to cheat since it "...happened after you had a fight." and "It only happened once." So now he wants to be given "another chance." It's not up to me to tell you whether you should "forgive" him and get back together. That's totally your choice, of course. But I would suggest that you take a good long look at the level of trust you had BEFORE this happened and the level of trust you have for him now. If you don't trust 100% that he will NEVER cheat on you again and never lie to you again, then you shouldn't get back together. A relationship without trust is doomed.

So, do you trust him?

In friendship,


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