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Hey Terra,

Me and my bf are both 17. We have always been very close even though we've got completely different personalities. I guess I worry more than I should and he is very carefree! He says he loves me the way I am, but I'm worried he won't be able to deal with our differences forever. How do I stop worrying about what might happen?



Dear WorryGurl,

You can't control the future. You also can't control anything that anyone else says, does, thinks or feels. Yet you seem to be trying to control both sides of this relationship. You are letting your need to be in control make you very unhappy. That's your choice, of course, but obviously you would rather not waste all this lovely time in the NOW worrying about what might happen some time down the road.

You're 17. Why stress about "Forever"? Instead, how about giving yourself permission not to control, not to worry. Just try to be very conscious of the choices you make, moment-to-moment. And in those choices, create the kind of interactions you want to have with everyone in your life.

How's that sound?

In friendship,


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