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"How can I explain my bad report card to my parents?"

Hey Terra,

At the beginning of the quarter I was doing pretty good and I cared what I was doing and I was happy so I did well in school. Then me and my boyfriend broke up. I didn't do my work because I was depressed. I couldn't get my mind off of him and by the time I realized I needed to get back on track it was too late. I got my report card today and it's bad. I have a D, and 2 Fs. That's better than some report cards I've gotten in the past but I've been doing a lot better lately. My ex really screwed up a lot for me. I know it's not his fault, it's mine for letting things go but I was depressed and I know my parents are gonna be disappointed in me. What should I tell them?



Dear Uh-oh,

Tell them the truth. You were upset by the break up with your bf and you couldn't concentrate. You know that you made some bad choices and you won't let it happen again. Tell them that you are going to talk to all of your teachers and make a plan with them to help you do better next quarter. Then stick to it. The better you do in school the more doors are open for you in your future.

Good luck.

In friendship,


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