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"Will a guy freak out when he sees my stretch marks?"

Hey Terra,

I'm having a problem that is making me body-conscious. I have stretch marks on my breasts. My mom says that it's because my breasts grew too fast and I can't get rid of the stretch marks. Today I also found out 2 friends that have them and are almost afraid to wear a bikini top (I am too) because people might see them (they stick out). I'm worried if when I'm older and doing something intimate with a guy and he sees them, he'll like freak out and not want me or something. The whole point of me telling you this is because I was wondering if you knew any way for me to get rid of these nasty marks?



Dear Stretch,

I don't know any remedies for stretch marks, sorry. If you're really concerned you should talk to a doctor (especially a dermatologist -- someone who specializes in conditions of the skin). One thing I can help you with is your feelings. You say that you're "worried" that some guy, some time in the future during some future love scene, will "freak out" when he sees your stretch marks. Here's my advice about that... RELAX.

Worrying about what may happen (but probably won't ever happen) is only going to stress you out. And stress is going to do a whole lot more to make you unhappy, unhealthy and unattractive than a few stretch marks!

Think about it this way, there is so much that's RIGHT with your body. And any guy that you love enough to "do something intimate with" ought to be a guy whose love you're sure of. Now really, would a guy who loves you that much be concerned about stretch marks?

I don't think so!

So do yourself a huge favor and forget about it. You really have so much more fun and interesting things to do, don't you? If not, then take this summer vacation to create more interesting things to think about.


In friendship,


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