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Giving it a second chance:
"My old boyfriend thinks of me as only a good friend."

Hey Terra,

What is the best way to get an old boyfriend back in my life? We both have feelings for each other, but we had a bad break up. We have forgotten about it since it has been years and are good friends. I want to be with him, but he is with someone else. He does not seem very serious about that relationship. They are good friends too, and they are just dating. When we were together, we never had any problems with each other. He never cheated on me nor did I. The break up was for a really stupid thing -- we were both very young. We argued over a movie and stopped talking. I know it sounds funny. He was my first boyfriend, and I was his first girlfriend. I went out with another person after him although I had feelings for my ex boyfriend. Now I want him in my life. He thinks I'm a good friend, and that's about it.

What Next?


Dear What Next,

Tell him you want to be more than a "good friend". That's the only way he's going to know that you'd like to give this relationship a second chance. Of course there's no guarantee that he will jump at the chance to end the relationship with his current girlfriend to be with you again, but if you don't tell him the truth of your feelings, you'll probably have some regrets and life's too short for that.

Good luck.

In friendship,


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