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Abusive relationships:
"This guy I like treats me like dirt."

Hey Terra,

I've been liking this guy for a really long time now but he treats me like dirt. I don't know why I'm attracted to him so much. The only reason he doesn't like me is because he promised his best friend to never go out with me. But I don't wanna let go of him. I've never acted so desperate before. What should I do?

Head Over Heels


Dear Head Over Heels,

Why would you want to be with someone who treats you "like dirt"?! You may be telling yourself that the only reason he's acting this way is because he promised his best friend he wouldn't go out with you... But that doesn't sound right. Why would he do that? And if he did that what does that tell you about him. And by the way, did he also promise his friend to treat you like dirt? And if he had, what kind of person makes those kind of promises?

You deserve better treatment from a guy than this and until you realize that, you will continue to be "attracted" to guys who treat you badly. Since you asked my advice, here it is: stay away from this guy and look inside yourself to find out why you think it's okay to love someone who isn't good to you.

In friendship,


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