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"My friend's mom is mean to her."

Hey Terra,

My friend doesn't get to do many things and her mom gives her lots of lectures. Whenever I go to her house she never has time to play with me because she's taking care of the dog. Once in front of my 2 eyes, my friend was trying to tame the dog and her mom yelled "You're doing it wrong!" And other mean things too.

I think the mother should be nicer to her and my friend should tell her, but she's too scared. I've also noticed that my friend is getting meaner, she says she can't stand it. I want to help her. What should I do?

Lacey Place


Dear Lacey Place,

You're very caring to be so concerned about you're friend. You are certainly entitled to your feelings about the relationship she has with her mom, but this really has nothing to do with you and it must be worked out between the two of them.

You might suggest that your friend check out this about Relationships with Parents and the Conflict Resolution Toolkit on my website.

That may give her some ideas about talking things over with her mom. But it really is up to her, not you, to decide whether she wants to have this conversation.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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