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"I have feelings for this boy who's a family friend."

Hey Terra,

I know this boy -- he is a family friend. I like him and I want to know how to tell him I like him. That I have feelings for him and I'm serious about him?



Dear Clam-digger,

Instead of stressing about which words to say, how about showing you like him by the way you treat him? And, if the two of you really are close family friends already, how about having a conversation about the pros and cons of dating a friend? If you two talk about it, you'll get an idea of where he stands. For example, some people say, "Don't go out with a guy friend because you'll probably just break up anyway and then you lose the friendship." What do you think about that? Agree? Disagree? That's the kind of conversation you might have with this boy that you like.

Good luck.

In friendship,


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