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"I miss my best friend."

Hey Terra,

My friend and I were sooo super close in 7th and 8th grade. But then in 10th grade this other girl came and they became closer than ever. And from what she says it is because they have a lot in common and they know a lot of the same people and mainly because they are the same race. Well it hurts me because I love them both but they lie to me sometimes to just hang out with each other. What do I do???? I miss having my best friend.



Dear Helpless,

I understand how painful it can be when someone you loved and trusted turns away from you to be with someone else. You may be wondering "What did I do wrong?" The truth is, you didn't do anything wrong. What happened is simply this: your friend went in a new direction and you and she aren't traveling on the same path any more. It can be sad when that happens, especially if you feel like you're the one who got "left behind". But actually, each of us has her own path to walk in life. Moment by moment we each choose the direction we take and moment by moment we have to find our own way.

I know that you miss having the closeness you used to share with your best friend. That closeness taught you a lot about being a good friend. What you learned along with all the fun and good memories you two shared are part of who you are today. Those are gifts from your best friend.

Take those gifts and move forward (it's the only direction we can go in life).

When school starts again create a new goal for yourself... To be yourself, to continue to make good choices, and to be on the lookout for new friends.

You have everything it takes to close to others and to be happy.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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