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Wish I had one:
"Why does he talk about other girls so much?"

Hey Terra,

ow do I tell if a guy I like likes me back without asking him. When I'm with him and we're flirting, it definitely seems like he does, but he also talks about other girls quite a bit. He even goes on a casual date with one of them every now and then. How do I know?

Flirtin' Fool


Dear Flirtin' Fool,

Great question! One thing you know for sure, he enjoys flirting with you. Why he's talking about other girls when he's with you could be his attempt at trying to impress you. (You're not impressed with that kind of talk, are you?)

Here's my suggestion, next time you and he are doing you're usual flirting thing and he starts talking about other girls say, "I've noticed you talk a lot about other girls when you're with me. Why do you do that?"

Watch and listen to his response. It could turn into an interesting conversation that will lead you to finding out if he really likes you back or is just a player.

Good luck.

In friendship,


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