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"I think my brother is doing drugs."

Hey Terra,

I think my brother is drinking and MAYBE doing drugs I wish he wouldn't! I don't want to get the 'rents involved but I want him to stop. We have a pretty good relationship but I don't think he's telling me as much as he used to. How do I figure out truth from talk and try and stop it???



Dear Confused,

If your brother is involved in underage drinking and/or drugs then he needs help! In fact, his life may depend on your taking action. You MUST get your parents involved. This is a health issue. Plain and simple. You love your brother and you want him to make healthy choices so he can continue living his life and moving toward a healthy future. Too many times friends and family members decided NOT to "tell" parents about drug problems because they didn't want to upset the drug user. But getting your parents involved so that your brother can get treatment if he needs it, is the most loving thing you could do.

I know a woman whose son died of a heroin overdose. She didn't know what was going on. She wished her son's friends had told her so she could have gotten him the help he needed.

Do the right thing.

In friendship,


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