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"I'm afraid I'll be thought of as stupid."

Hey Terra,

My problem is that there's a guy I really like who I don't know where I am with. I mean he knows all about politics and everything that's going on in the world around him. He is very aware of what his interests are and where he stands on opinions about everything. I know I should be heading toward this direction too because I am seventeen but I don't know how to jump into it. I am afraid if I pursue becoming good friends or more with him that I will feel stupid or he will think I am stupid because he has more knowledge about things than I do. What should I do? I would like to focus on things that are more important than my family issues, but they are pulling me down and wasting my time.

Uninformed teen


Dear Uninformed teen,

It's very possible that you may be judging yourself much more harshly than anyone else ever would. You're assuming that you won't measure up in this guy's eyes because you're not as interested in politics, etc. as he is. You may be right, but you have no way of knowing how he will respond to you unless you make an effort to become friends with him. If you truly would "like to focus on things that are more important than your family issues" do it because it's important to you and your personal development. Do it because you are curious about the world and "everything that's going on." Do NOT do it to impress a guy!

There are tremendous informational resources as near as your computer. Want to learn more about the threat of global warming? What's going on with relief efforts in Pakistan? What went down with the Special Prosecutor's indictment of "Scooter" Libby? Just go to Google and educate yourself.

And one more thing... no one can "waste" your time but you. So what do you think would be a good use of your time right now?

In friendship,


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