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Wish I had one:
"What does it mean when she flips her hair?"

Hey Terra,

I wanted to start a conversation with this girl I like so when I saw her yesterday I asked "Was that you with your bf at the mall last Sunday?" I just wanted to see her reaction and to see if she has a bf. She gives me a weird confused look and says "No" but never mentions anything about a bf. So we start chatting, and she smiles, laughs, body towards me but head facing the other way cause she was waiting for a ride. All of sudden she flips her hair.

As I am new to this dating game, Is that good or bad?

Jr. John


Dear Jr. John,

Hair flipping? You want me to interpret that? Sure. From everything you describe, it's very obvious the girl's interested in you.

Now here's my advice: quit thinking so much. Go with the flow. But I have a feeling that answer's not going to cut it with an active mind like yours, so how about this: If you want to know exactly what she meant by flipping her hair, you'll have to ask her.

In friendship,


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