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"I'm afraid to tell my mom that I'm pregnant."

Hey Terra,

I'm 16 and pregnant. I asked my friend's mom to take me to get an ultrasound and the doctor told me that I was pregnant. I am so scared to tell my mom because she told me that if I ever got pregnant while I lived with her that she would she'd kick me out of the house and have nothing to do with me or my baby. What should I do?

Freakin' Out


Dear Freakin' Out,

I'm sorry you're in this situation. 16 is too young to be dealing with this. A pregnancy isn't something you can continue to hide forever, and you're going to need medical care to see you through the rest of the pregnancy, the labor and the delivery. Also, you need adult support in helping you decide what to do after the baby is born. You can't make those decisions on your own.

Here's my thought, since your friend's mom already knows, how about talking to her about ways that you can tell your mother the truth? Perhaps your friend's mom can help since she can give you a mom's perspective and might be willing to be there with you when you have the conversation with your mother. I'm a mom myself and I know that if my daughter were pregnant, I'd want to know so I could be there for her. Go back to your friend's mom and talk to her about how you can break the news to your own mom.

In friendship,


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