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Hey Terra,

I go to karate. I really like it, but I still groan about it when my mom says, "It's time to put on your karate clothes!" You know why? It's all because of my instructor. He doesn't really have the best personality in the world. He's really funny and can make anyone laugh, but sometimes when he is frustrated, he yells at other kids. He is also very impatient. When we do one simple thing wrong, like extending your punch, he yells at you and says, "NO! THAT'S WRONG!" And then he makes you do pushups. He is also very unpredictable. One time, I watched my little brother's class and my instructor seemed to be in a good mood. So I thought, "He's in a good mood, Phew!" But then when my class came, he was yelling at people. I don't know how to get over being afraid of him. I need help!

Karate Kid


Dear Karate Kid,

Your instructor sounds tough and from what you describe, I don't blame you for not enjoying being around him when he's yelling or punishing. That may be his "teaching style" but I'm sure you're not the only one in the class who doesn't always appreciate it. Is it possible that you can learn something from this teacher in spite of his gruff manner? Or, do you feel that you would do better in a karate class taught by someone else?

If you'd like another teacher, talk to your mom and tell her how it feels to be with this teacher. Maybe there are alternatives so that you can continue studying karate but not continue with this teacher.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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