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Giving it a second chance:
"I'm not very luck at getting boyfriends."

Hey Terra,

Me and this boy talked for like 3 days and he asked me out. I said no because it was too soon. Then the next day I told him I only wanted to be friends but still wanted to talk on the phone with him. Well we never talked again. Then, the other day my friend was supposed to tell him happy birthday for me cause she's his cousin and well, that night a strange number called me but I didn't answer it because I didn't know who it was. I'm kinda worried that it was him. If it was I'm gonna be so mad because before his birthday and even today all I can think about is him. I'm not very lucky at getting bfs. I can have them, it's just they're not what I want, and it seems like ever since I have turned that certain boy down I haven't been lucky ever since? What should I do?



Dear Unlucky,

I'm really glad to hear that you turned down that boy. You are absolutely right! It was way too soon and you didn't know him well enough to be going out with him. Brava, you smart girl!

I'm also glad that you didn't take the phone call. How'd you get so very intelligent about these things? Too many girls who write to me just jump into relationships with guys they don't know and end up getting hurt and feeling used. I'm proud of you for valuing yourself more than that.

You say "What should I do" about not being "lucky" about guys? It's not about luck. It's about taking the time to get to know a guy and building TRUST. You can't do that in 3 days. LOL

Take the pressure off of yourself to have a boyfriend at this point in your life and you'll be able to relax more and get to know who YOU are and what you're here for. HINT: It has everything to do with your special talents and interests and NOTHING to do with becoming someone's girlfriend.

In friendship,


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