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"I get angry over little things."

Hey Terra,

I have been wondering lately whether or not I have a disease such as stress disorder. I will get angry over little things, and I once cried because my friend got hurt in a fight and the one that came on to her wouldn't listen to me when I told her to get over the argument. I have a real bad attitude when my mom and I get to arguing and even when I try to stop, she always finds some way in which I get hot and start raising my voice. My best friend, also my sister, is extremely worried over my stress and depression.

Please help me in the most honest way possible. Am I going to be able to live the rest of my teen years with happiness? (Please keep in mind that I only lose my happiness when I get quiet. People often find me to be bright and shiny.)

Thanks a lot!



Dear Stressed,

Because I don't know you and have no way of knowing how often your "stress and depression" comes over you, I can't really say whether this is just normal teen moods caused by hormones or something else. It doesn't sound like anything totally out of the ordinary, but I think it would put your mind at ease to talk to a counselor about some of the things you've been feeling. People react to stressful situations in different ways, and you can learn to "go with the flow" more than you do.

Sometimes it helps to get a grip and relax before you react. (Slow deep breathing is great for that!) In addition to talking to a school counselor, you might want to check out this section at The InSite on Spirituality.

I wish you well.

In friendship,


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