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"My girlfriend is pregnant!"

Hey Terra,

I need your help now like really badly!! My gf is pregnant and well we just did the test and she is pregnant and well I need your help. She thinks it has been 2 months. I don't know where you are from or are but I need help because we are only 18 and don't want our parents to find out because well we are two different religions and well it is complicated and I need help so much!!

Please help




Calm down. Freaking out isn't going to help you think straight. And you and your girlfriend need to be thinking clearly right now (at least one of you needs to).

Here's what you should do. Call 1.800.230.PLAN (7526) That's the toll free number of the Planned Parenthood National Network. Tell the person who answers where you live and she will put you in touch with the Health Clinic nearest to you. Make an appointment and go. Your girlfriend will get an examination and you can talk with a Pregnancy Counselor who will fill you in on all of your options. There are three options. Terminate the pregnancy. Continue the pregnancy and put the baby up for adoption. Continue the pregnancy and keep the baby. The counselor will help you decide what's best for you.

Click here to go to their website right now if you like.

Under the "Health Services" link you'll find another link to "find a health center." Click there and you'll see a map of the US. Click on your state and you'll get the information you need to make an appointment.

You and your girlfriend will get through this. Make sure you keep on supporting her throughout.

In friendship,


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