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Drugs and Alcohol:
"I have a craving for alcohol."

Hey Terra,

I have this drinking problem... not as bad as I would normally think but there are times when I have to drink. My friends and me have been drinking weekly and now it's starting to be daily... like we drank Monday... and I drank yesterday. I also have someone getting me drinks today. My day today hasn't been all too great as I would have expected it to be, but now it's just the craving I have for it. What should I do? I mean I can stop for awhile but I end up starting back up again.



Dear Addicted,

I admire you for recognizing that you have a drinking problem. I have great respect for your willingness to look this straight in the face and call it what it is. That's the first step to getting back in control of this part of your life before it pulls you so far down it ruins everything.

Here's a test for you to take to help you see if you do, in fact, have a problem that needs treatment.

After you finish the anonymous online questionnaire, there's a referral number to call if you're ready to take the next step.

I hope this helps. You get the help you need.

In friendship,


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