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"I know a secret that has made me not trust my bf."

Hey Terra,

I've known this guy for 6 months now. Things are alright, but something happened a couple of weeks ago. We were telling each other about how we feel about each other. We also shared things about our lives. But I found out something (not something he's told me) and my feelings for him have changed forever. I don't know what to do though. He doesn't know that I know his secret. Should I tell him about what I found out about him? Or should I just keep it to myself and just move on without him? I really want him to be part of my life because I love him but he keeps shutting me off. What should I do?



Dear Princess,

It sounds like you snooped because you wanted more closeness with him and wanted to find out more personal things than he had willingly shared with you. Then when you found out his "secret" it disturbed you and the result is that you want to less closeness... And now you don't completely trust him.

In fairness to this guy, I think it would be best to tell him what you know and exactly how you found out. If you don't tell him and you just "move on without him" then you are "shutting him off" and leaving him wondering "what happened?" You may still decide to end the relationship, but at least you will have let him know how you feel and why. That's mature and responsible.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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