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Losing interest:
"My mom is so disappointed in me."

Hey Terra,

I have a boyfriend. I'm so in love with him, but he acts so weird. He says he loves me but when my friends or brother asks him if we're going out he says he doesn't know. Then when I tell him I'm too busy to talk to him he thinks I'm with another guy. I can't stand his extreme mood swings. Help me!!



Dear Wondering,

You say you are "so in love with him" but you "can't stand his extreme mood swings." That's understandable. It's no fun being with someone who gives you mixed messages. Either he's loving you and he's proud of it OR he's hiding it because he's scared of what friends or your brother might say if they found out. What does that tell you about how much he values your relationship?

On top of that, it sounds like he doesn't trust you!

So tell me, please, what is it about this guy that you "love"?

Write back and we'll talk some more.

In friendship,


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