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"If my bf wins prom king, he'll spend the evening with the queen (not me!)."

Hey Terra,

My boyfriend was picked to be prom king, and I being new to the school was not picked to be prom queen. Well from like 10 pm on to 4 am he has to hang out with the prom queen and go to the after prom party. So we can't do what we were going to do. Now I don't want him to give this up but I want my night to be special too. Meaning being with him all night and doing what we were going to do. So what should he do stay in the race or drop out?

Prom Problems


Dear Prom Problems,

Are you sure you've gotten your facts straight? Because it seems pretty extreme to expect the prom king and queen (who each have other dates) to "have to hang out" together for 6 hours!!! It just doesn't make any sense. Of course, I don't go to your school, but if I were you, I'd find out what's really true before I got all upset about how your special night is going to be ruined.

If it turns out that what you've heard is true, and if he wins the election, (two major "ifs") then talk to your boyfriend and figure out what you can work out so you can spend time together. Also, the degree of trust you have for your boyfriend may help you deal with your jealousy. If you are feeling insecure, talk to him about it! It will help you put the 6 hours into perspective.

In friendship,


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