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Giving it a second chance:
"He only likes me as a friend but he's obsessed with my friend!"

Hey Terra,

I'm in 8th grade and I just broke up with my bf after a month. He was really nice, but he considered me only as a friend. I understand that I can't like him anymore, but now he wants to meet one of my friends because he's obsessed with her and I am really jealous. I don't really talk to him now because I was the one mainly making our relationships worthwhile. I'm so jealous now and I really want him back. What can I do? I've already told my friend how I felt, but what should/can I do to try and get him back?

Lost in Love


Dear Lost in Love,

You can't get someone "back" if he doesn't want to get back with you. You have no control over what he feels. Sorry... But that part is totally out of your hands. What you can control is your own actions. If you want to get yourself all upset and jealous and crazy over this you can keep doing exactly what you're doing. If you want to free yourself of the jealousy, worry and stress, then I suggest close your eyes, relax and take several slow deep breaths...

Go ahead... I'll wait right here while you breathe.





Ok, are you feeling better? I hope so! Now, repeat after me, "The best boyfriend in the world for me is the one who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him."

If your ex didn't want to be with you, then he's not the best boyfriend for you.

You'll find the right one sooner if you open your mind and your heart.

In friendship,


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