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Abusive relationships:
"My bff's bf is in a gang."

Hey Terra,

My best friend is going out with a guy in a gang and I don't like him because of that and because he's very mean and gets into trouble a lot and my friend doesn't care. She just really really likes him and he's not even her type of guy. What can I do to tell her that me and a lot of people don't like him neither.

Seeing Red


Dear Seeing Red,

Your friend is lucky to have a smart girl like you as her friend. You're telling her the truth and you're trying to get her to wake up before she gets into trouble with this guy. But she's not listening. What can you do? Well, I'll tell you that you can't force her to break up with him. You just don't have that kind of control over someone else's choices... No one does!

You've told her how you feel about the guy. That's about all you can do. Except you can also choose not to be around when she's with him.

Other than that... She's on her own.

In friendship,


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