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Getting over a broken heart:
"What if he's my true love?"

Hey Terra,

I've known this lad for 2.5 years. We used to get on really well for about 1 year and now things have really changed because he doesn't attend phone calls, when I text him no reply. My friends try calling him, and he cuts them off as well. I don't know what's wrong with him. I feel he doesn't like me anymore.

My friends say "No offense but he doesn't like you. Just forget him." But how can I because there is no guarantee he doesn't like me. Whereas there is another lad who really likes me. He's told me a couple of times by hinting it but I really don't give any notice. I just keep thinking, "What if that other lad still likes me, and if he's not answering my calls and cutting me Off, there is no guarantee if I get with someone else, what if he feels I deceived him for someone else??

I'm really really confused because on one hand I love someone that doesn't text me, and answer my calls and there is another lad who likes me, will do anything for me. I don't know who to choose or what to do?

Unloved True Love


Dear Unloved True Love,

I have to say that the signals this guy is sending you are absolutely clear. Even though you may have "gotten on really well for about 1 year" things have changed for him. He:

  1. doesn't attend phone calls
  2. doesn't reply when you text him
  3. cuts off your friends when they call him

What does that behavior mean to you? It means just what you're friends are telling you: "Sorry, no offense but he doesn't like you in the same way that you like him."

Do you really need more of a "guarantee" than his behavior towards you? Do you really need the guy to say the words right to your face?

Why are you unwilling to see the truth of this situation? Yes, I know you say that you "love" him... But how can you love someone who clearly wants nothing to do with you?

As for the other guy who cares for you... Well, if you don't have the same feelings for him that he has for you, what's the point of "choosing" him. A healthy relationship is between two people who want to be together.

Neither of these relationships sounds healthy.

Why do you have to choose either of them? How about not choosing to be with anyone until you find the person who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with him?

In friendship,


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