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Sex and Sexuality:
"He says he didn't cum, but could I still be pregnant?"

Hey Terra,

I'm just gonna get right down to it. I gave my boyfriend a hand job a while ago and some stuff came out and it was clear and sticky like cum, but he says he didn't cum yet. Well later that night I had masturbated and well I did wash my hands but if it was cum and he was wrong, what if it was still on there?? I'm a day or two late on my period, I know I shouldn't be worrying just yet. But I'm just wondering what do you think of this situation?

A Bit Freaked


Dear A Bit Freaked,

You can stop worrying... Even though pre-ejaculation fluid (which is what the clear sticky stuff was) has enough sperm in it to get you pregnant, that would only happen if that sperm made contact with one of your eggs by swimming up into your vagina and continuing into the fallopian tube. But you had the sperm on your hand. Then you washed your hands. Sperm can't survive for very long exposed to the air.

Not to worry. One thing I will caution you about though. If you're going to be masturbating your boyfriend like that... Where do you think that kind of behavior is going to lead?

You need to educate yourself about how to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

In friendship,


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