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Giving it a second chance:
"My mom and my friends don't like my boyfriend."

Hey Terra,

Me and this one boy we just broke up because of my mom saying we can't be together. And she says that he does not care for me when he does! And my friends say he played me and stuff like that. Should I listen to them and not go back out with him when he gave me a promise ring and a necklace or should I follow my heart and go back out with him?



Dear Confused,

Your mom loves you more than anything and I'm thinking if your friends are good friends that they love you too. So it's interesting that these people who love you and don't want you to get hurt are telling you to stay away from this boy. That's advice worth thinking about. Also if you go back with him you're going to have to sneak behind your mom's back to do it. That's never a good idea. Something else you should think about. I understand what you mean when you say "should I follow my heart?" but your heart is not always the place where your best thinking and decision-making is done... that would be your brain.

My advice is that you think about why the people in your life who love you most want you to stay away from this boy. They must have their reasons and if you really think about it, you'll probably understand why. If you're not sure why, then talk to them about it.

In friendship,


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