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"My parents won't let me have enough time on the computer!"

Hey Terra,

My parents don't let me have much computer/TV time, even when it's just checking my email or reading about something on the web. If I go over their limits by just one minute they will not let me have any time at all the following day. How should I tell them that I need more time on my computer?



Dear Bored,

Sounds like you and your parents need to talk about how much time they think is "enough" and exactly how much "more time" you realistically need?

Why do you think they are restricting your media use? Have they given you any ideas about what they think is a better use of your time?

You signed your email "Bored"... Are you bored? It that why you want more computer/TV time? Could it be that your parents are trying to encourage you to find other ways to deal with your boredom? (I'm just guessing here, but I know that lots of parents feel this way.)

Tell me, when you're not on your computer or watching TV, what do you do with your time that you really enjoy?

In friendship,


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