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Age difference:
"Does he like me or not?"

Hey Terra,

Our family friends have a son who is two years older than me. "Evan" and I have gotten along fine until this summer when our families vacationed together. I think he decided he was seeing too much of me. Now I am having language lessons with him once a week. In front of adults, "Evan" is horrid to me. He calls me mean things and says I'm too young to understand things.

Then when we are alone, he FLIRTS with me like there is no tomorrow! It bothers me because 1) I'd like him to pick a side and quit giving me mixed messages, and 2) I'm WAY too young for him to be flirting with me the way he does.

Maybe it's just his way of expressing the close friendship we have, but I think for whatever reason, it isn't that. What do I do?

Mimi Girl


Dear Mimi Girl,

The mixed messages he's sending probably come from the fact that he's confused about the way he feels. But I'm not as concerned about his feelings as I am about yours. It sounds like you're not comfortable with the flirting... Your inner sense is telling you that something doesn't feel 100% safe here. Honor those feelings and do not be alone with him.

In friendship,


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