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"My parents are doing drugs!"

Hey Terra,

I was looking for a bandaid in my parents closet and I found what looked like marijuana. It really hurts because I never though that they could do that to me. I never would want to. And my mom has asthma so I think it is my dad's. They don't know I know.



Dear Green,

I understand that finding drugs in your parents' closet would be a very upsetting thing! I don't blame you for feeling this way or for turning to me (or someone) for help. It's interesting to me, though that you say you were looking for a bandaid in your parents' bedroom closet and not in the bathroom cabinet. This makes me think that you might have been snooping. I'm wondering if you've had some suspicions about "finding" things that would fit in with some worries you might already have had before you started looking for a bandaid. Is that possible?

I think it's very important that you tell your parents what you found... And talk to them about how all of this is making you feel.

Please don't hold this inside any longer. Have a conversation with your parents, as soon as possible.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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