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"We had sex yesterday and my bf didn't wear a condom!"

Hey Terra,

Okay, I'm scared shitless outta my mind. I had sex for the first time yesterday. Of course it was my bf. All I know about his past is that he's been with one other girl. I don't have a clue about him and STDs. Anyway, I'm like two days off my period and the thing that's getting to me is, he didn't wear a condom. Hmmm. Help me! Should I be nervous about getting pregnant or STDs?



Dear Scared,

Yes, you should be very nervous! Call up Planned Parenthood immediately and go get yourself tested for pregnancy and STDs.

So if you know about condoms, and pregnancy, and STDs, why in the world did you have unprotected sex?????

In friendship,


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Hey Terra!


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