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"I think my parents are getting a divorce."

Hey Terra,

I think my parents are getting a divorce. Why else would they be fighting ALL the time, sleeping in different rooms and never talking to each other? I was on my dad's computer and accidentally clicked on one of the previously saved documents. It was all about what would happen (mainly to me and my brothers) when they get a divorce. I felt awful!!! I haven't told anyone, except for my best friend because her parents got a divorce but she's sworn to secrecy. I don't know what to do!! I want to talk to my parents about it but my Mom's always upset and I can't work up the nerve.

Also, today someone came by to drop off something to do with my dad's work. My mom answered the door and the lady was talking to her. I was nearby because I wanted to know who it was. My mom said something like "My children are here we can't talk about it."


Really freaked


Dear Really freaked,

You deserve to know what's going on because obviously, if your parents decide to end their marriage it is going to affect you in a major way. Talk to your parents right away. You decide which one would be easiest for you to have this conversation with. Tell them what you told me... What you know and how you feel about it. Then tell them that you want the truth.


Good luck. I care about you.

In friendship,


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