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Sexual orientation:
"'I'm freaking out that I might be gay!"

Hey Terra,

This morning something weird happened. I was kinda still sleeping when my mom came to wake me up and I said "I'm not allowed in the House of Congress until 1883 because they banned homosexuals."

Now I don't think I'm gay, I like girls. I've never had sex but I've had crushes and a desire to do stuff. When I masturbate I think about girls. But what I said when I was waking up is freaking me out. What does this mean?

Not Gay


Dear Not Gay,

You had a dream. Maybe it was triggered by something you read in the newspaper or heard on TV or discussed in school about same sex marriage. Maybe you just "dreamed it up" without any present time source that you can easily pinpoint.

It's a mistake to assume that all dreams "mean something."

If you are attracted to girls and you've never been sexually/romantically attracted to guys, then I'd say you're a heterosexual. If you know that to be true, what's freaking you out so much about your mumblings in a dream?

Perhaps you have been thinking (in real life) that laws that ban homosexuals from getting married are unfair. If so, I agree with you. I believe those laws are discriminatory. Perhaps your mumblings before waking up had to do with your feelings of justice and equality and NOT that you are gay.

My advice is to relax and stop worrying.

In friendship,


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