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Abusive relationships:
"My father hits me every chance he gets."

Hey Terra,

My parents are fighting constantly. They wake me up at 2AM because they are screaming at each other in their room! My father hits me every chance he gets but he always apologized afterwards. I am not worried about my health but I am worried about my little brother and the emotional pain he is suffering. I am too scared to tell anybody about this because I'm afraid of my dad. What should I do?



Dear Clarissa,

This sounds like an awful situation. It also sounds unhealthy and dangerous. What you're describing is domestic violence. You need protection.

Where is your mother when your father is hitting you? Have you told her how scared you are of him? If you don't speak up to someone, you can't get the help you need for yourself and for your little brother.

If you can't talk to your mom, then call this number: 1.800.999.9999 That's the National Teen Crisis Helpline... Start there. It's a free call. It won't appear on anyone's phone bill. The Helpline is open 24/7. Call it now... The people who run it are very cool and they will listen and understand. They can help you and your brother. Tell them what you told me.


I hope this helps.

You are not alone!

In friendship,


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