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Sexual orientation:
"Should I tell me friends I'm bi?"

Hey Terra,

I wanted your advice on something, I'm 15 yr. old, who's bi and I wanted to know if I should tell my friends that I am or should I not tell them, 'cause there is someone who knows and I don't know if he is telling them that I am, and he promised me he wouldn't, but now I don't want to tell my girl friends that I am. What should I do?

Wanting Advice


Dear Wanting Advice,

Are you ready to come out as a bisexual to your friends and family? If so, then go for it! If not, then why did you tell one person? I'm going to assume that if you trusted that person enough to tell him, (and he promised he wouldn't tell anyone else) then you ought to trust him to keep his promise. If you're not sure that he IS keeping his promise, talk to him and get reassurance.

In friendship,


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