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Sexual orientation:
"I don't know if I like guys or girls."

Hey Terra,

Look I need your help with something. See, I don't know if I like girls or guys. I think I am bi. So what should I do if I am? I can't tell my grandmom or anyone cause they think that it is not right to like another girl. So what should I do?

Needs Help


Dear Needs Help,

Thanks for writing and being so honest with your feelings. You're a very brave girl. It's always important for people to have someone in their life that they can trust to communicate with. In the case of people who are questioning their sexual orientation, it is especially important. Too often teenagers feel lost in these situations, and they need someone to turn to.

I would strongly suggest that you check out Lyric at www.lyric.org. Lyric is "a community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth 23 & under."

The most important thing is for you to talk to someone you trust... preferably an adult. School counselors can be very safe people... maybe you can reach out to yours.

In friendship,


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